This is a low frequency dose radar that we utilize with cameras to determine and catch any possible threat to fences and borderlines. It also works well indoors at close range.

Under-Vehicle Inspections System

This system provides full vehicle coverage to track and inspect vehicles for database and threat detection. The operator will employ the system at every entrance to your event. We can use the system as a stand-alone unit or from a control room that will have a live view of every vehicle.

Walk-Through Metal Detector

We employ this gate-like device for your event at every visitor entrance. It has a fast-rate scanning capability to determine within seconds whether the person is a threat or a safe visitor. It will detect explosives, metals, ceramics, and other materials that may be banned or are a threat to your event.

Explosives Detection

This is a fast rate device that we use to “sniff” specific suspicious material to detect potential threats.

Portable X-Ray Devices

High resolution imaging to screen luggage, people, and objects. Our X-Ray machine is easily deployed and portable for quick implementation at your event.

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